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April 16, 2019

We love data.

We love data. We really do.
We love data because of what it offers. Data offers the ability to capitalize on opportunity. Data offers an opportunity to expand and grow existing business as well as new business. And were not just saying this becaue we read this article that likened to data to the new oil, but because it shows where opportunity is.

We love data because of what it is. Data, in its basic form is information. Data is an answer to a question. A question that might not have even asked yet. In that case, its a lead on the right question. As the very famous Rocket scientist once said, " life is all about learning to ask the right questions"

We love data because of what it means. Data means that the journey doesn't have to end with a question. In fact, with data we know that its just beginning.

We love data because of what can do. Data is water to the plant, honey to the bee, and open road to a runner.

Best of all, Data is everywhere. And its ripe for the pickin' Just check out some of these great data repositories and start growing your love for data too!
1. Awesome Public Datasets on Github
2. Figure Eight Datasets (We particularly like the national Park set)
3. Data world, the social network for data peeps.
4. A guy named Jerry's collection
5. Macro-economic data from the American Economic Association.

Do you love data as much as we do?

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