Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning involves any activity that clarify and document the direction in which a company chooses to go.



The process of discovery can be one of the most daunting parts of formulating a strategy. Gathering information from a variety of different sources and piecing it together into one cohesive argument can be overwhelming, and sometimes discouraging if you've never done it before. We know this process in and out and remove the guesswork of finding and highlighting the good information from the not so relevant right now information. We take the smart approach from the start, and begin all of our discovery with intelligent analysis and framing in mind.



Developing your marketing strategy is arguably the hardest part of the strategic process, not because its necessarily difficult, but because it can be so time consuming. From writing down your organizational goals, to customer identification, to program development, there are a lot of moving parts that need to be done. Additionally, they need to be done right. We'll be the first to sympathize if you find tackling this project challenging on your own. We work hard to make each task in the development phase as easy as possible and communicate everything we do along the way to make sure you understand the who, the what, and the why we do what we do.



The Implementation phase is like the long-lost relative inside the strategic process because it is too often ignored by organizations when they decide its time for a strategic refresh or new approach. This is what makes it so challenging for so many, because there are not that many good examples of it out in everyday business. Fret not, we know how underappreciated this part of the process can be and we know how impactful good implementation is. We strive to make every part of this process clear and well documented so that you can quickly pick up where we hand off.